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About Zen cat sitter
Hi there

Since 2010, my sister and I have been forming Cat-A-Tout (www.cat-a-tout.com). I focus on home visits the Montreal and South-Shore area (mainly Longueuil). I occasionally do cat boarding at home, depending on the situation.
Loving cats comes naturally for me. I am here to assure that your favorite furry friends are in good hands during your absence. With regular pictures and videos sent by email or text, no need to worry about how your cats are doing. Regular clients love this aspect of my job!

Each home visit includes:
-Lots of furry love while spending time with your cat.
-Cleaning and changing the water and food bowls.
-Feeding according to your instructions.
-Cleaning the litter.
-Picking up if needed (vomit, urine, plants, etc.).
-Bringing in the mail, watering the plants.
-Brushing the cat.
-Opening and closing lights and curtains.
-Other tasks according to requests.
Please take note: The respect of your cats’ environment is something that I find very important. If for some reason it does not want to be approached, I will respect that and do the same, for my safety and its own.

-Determine the dates of the visits. (I want you to come once a day. I want you to come every two days.).
-Email me to discuss availabilities and prices.
We will then schedule a meeting to sign a contract. The full amount must be paid when we meet to sign the contract. You can then give me the keys. When you get back, I will bring your keys back with no fee.

Maria-Anna, looking forward to meeting your cat(s) 😊

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Home cat visits

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